Wise Words is a new Spelling Bee programme which is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty is set to be delivered by Kreation Station and then rolled out across the UK and the world. Joining Wise Words will have many great benefits including but not limited to:


  1. Encouraging your child to enter a spelling bee competition can result in several benefits. The spelling bee not only provides a valuable educational experience for your child, but also allows them to engage in healthy competition. There are many other benefits from this fun activity.
  2. Learning Grammar -Preparation for a bee is a comprehensive learning process that allows children to learn the definition, pronunciation, and roots of words.
  3. Enhancing Vocabulary -The valuable learning outcome of spelling bee results in the children gaining competency over vocabulary and this allows them to excel at reading and writing. The ability to understand more words will allow your children to become literate and enjoy reading an extensive range of material.
  4. Competitive Spirit - Spelling bees allow individuals to compete in a supportive environment. The brain activity and excitement that goes with a spelling bee is just as stimulating as a physical competition, which means that the whole competition can pump up the adrenaline of the contestants and the audience alike. A friendly rivalry is created and students are encouraged to interact with fellow participants and cultivate friendships.
  5. Greater Knowledge - Learning words can get students interested in tracing the origin of a word and its etymology. This information will greatly enhance the knowledge base of a child, even at a very young age, and motivate them to develop a keen interest in learning new words.
  6. Cognitive Skills - The spelling bee will allow your child to develop a range of cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure. The learning process accompanying the spelling bee is likely to enhance your child's memory and allow your child to develop better learning skills, which can prove to be highly beneficial during higher education.
  7. Confidence - A child's confidence level is usually boosted after entering into such competitions. A spelling bee helps them gain the confidence they need to speak in public and accept their mistakes, while also getting the applause their hard work deserves.
  8. Even if your child does not win, it's important to remember that a spelling bee competition can result in a range of benefits ranging from higher confidence to better vocabulary.


  1. Review the word list if you have one
  2. Look for common spelling bee words online if a list isn’t provided
  3. Listen to the pronunciation of each word online so you hear how it sounds
  4. Practice spelling 15-20 words every day
  5. Have someone announce the words so you can practice spelling them out loud
  6. Familiarise yourself with common word roots to figure out definitions
  7. Look up the etymology of words online to learn the origins of words
  8. Read more books and look up words you don’t know
  9. Play word games
  10. Watch some spelling bees before you compete
  11. Conquer stage fright
  12. Spell words on your palm with your finger to help remember the spelling
  13. Ask questions about the word if you need clarification