Vlogging, Blogging & Podcasting

This Vlogging, Blogging and Podcasting course is designed to be perfect to get your very first vlog, blog or podcast up and running whether it is via your very own channel or working for another.

This course covers everything from the available vlogging, blogging and podcasting platforms including access to the necessary equipment and industry secrets which will ensure that the promotion of your channel or platform is operated to a high standard. In addition it has been designed to deliver a clear understanding of what being a vlogger, blogger or podcaster entails, as a well as how to proceed in the vast world of social media delivery.

The Curriculum includes the following:-

  • Introduction to Vlogging, Blogging & Podcasting
  • Information on famous Vloggers,Bloggers and Podcasters and how they did it!
  • Understanding and using platforms
  • Equipment
  • Secrets of success
  • Editing
  • Creating an on-screen presence
  • How to work indoors and outdoors
  • Creating your first channel
  • Promoting and making money

This is a 12 week program designed to deliver the A-Z of Vlogging, Blogging and Podcasting. Below is the module breakdown:-

Week 1) A basic introduction to VBP, what it is and how it came to be, the history, skills needed and the advantages and disadvantages.

Week 2) The route to fame, famous Vloggers, Bloggers and Podcasters and their stories and learning by their example

Week 3) The different options and platforms, pros and cons and comparing and contrasting the platforms.

Week 4) Understanding the equipment needed and their features

Week 5) Topics and the best way to present them, keeping an audience's attention and expressing regular fresh content

Week 6) Quality control, vital characteristics, video production and best practice

Week 7) Editing and Enhancing

Week 8) Developing a presence and what works best for you

Week 9) Creating a channel and gaining subscribers

Week 10) Monetising, Tips and Techniques

Week 11) Creating the first project

Week 12) Editing the first project and Capitalising