Our Programme

The Youth Employment Programme was created with the knowledge that young people have little to do over the summer. In fact, not only do they have little to do but they also have even less of a chance to gain real-life work experience, do extra training outside of school or make money for themselves because many people do not know that teenagers can be employed.

Therefore, we took to the streets to ask teenagers if they had the opportunity to work would they want to?. A staggering 98% said yes and 96% confirmed they did not know that they 'could' work and with the rising levels of gang violence and drug use we feel it is our responsibility to create a plan that will help to give teenagers an opportunity to be the best they can be in an activity that is safe!

Kreation Station is therefore offering young people aged 13-17 the opportunity to shadow a qualified and experienced teacher and to assist them in deliverying workshops in Art, Music, Fashion and Photography. We also have Football, Cricket, Karate and Dance, hopefully be able to cater for everyone!.

The Benefits

  • Training
  • Paid work experience
  • Discount on future courses
  • Work towards several qualifications including Duke of Edinburgh
  • Uniform
  • Being part of something special
Youth Employment Form
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