Kreation Station have put together their best teachers to deliver London's best school holiday camps! We have something for everyone from Engineering to Football and even Music which also makes us a great flexible option for your children's holiday breaks which is, bookable by individual days or a week at a time! 

Our camps offer an abundance of engaging activity in their chosen specialisms for children aged from 5-16 Years offering children the chance to pick up new skills and gain confidence in their chosen area of interest. In addition, courses run with their own way of deliverying activities that explore themed techniques or ideas and involve not just being at the centre but also in the community and open public spaces so that children use the outside world to inspire their learning as well as then having the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine that peaks through on occasions in summer!

At Kreation Station we believe this will allow for children to grasp content quickly and be able to deliver in performance. There is also an end of week showcase that will allow all of the children a chance to show off their unique set of skills to all parents and visitors and we also have a team of over 10 staff members who are SEN trained on both a classroom and one to one level so no child goes without the support they might need.

Our programme day consists of:

  • 8-10am - Children arrive, register and have a FREE breakfast with our sister company KS Food Provision
  • 10-12am - The children will then sign in to their speciality workshops with our qualified and experienced teachers who all have degrees and passion in their specific areas as well as experience of teaching and delivering unique programs to a unique set of children.
  • 12-2pm - This is our lunch break where the children will spend time with the Youth team at KS Food Provision having the opportunity to do a number of free play activities and eat the carefully selected packed lunch that you as parents have made them.
  • 2-4pm - The children return for their second specialist workshop and enjoy another session of structured learning.
  • 4-6pm - This is our downtime where the children will be provided with a FREE afternoon snack courtesy of KS Food Provision.


Our Football Camp operates every holiday and is managed by the Lead Coach Adam as well as several FA Trained Coaches who will deliver a programme of coaching that includes boot camp, drills, taught techniques and skills. At the end of each holiday week we hold a tournament and offer rewards such as medals, certificates and trophies.


The Karate Camp operates through every school holiday and is managed by the lead instructor Richard Li who is a Black belt trained karate master across a number of discliplines. He is assisted by three assistants. In this programme, children will be taught the art of karate and will be assessed and graded according to their ability and training. The training completed will include training in disclipline, self defence and more.


Our Dance Camp operates through every school holiday and is managed by the lead Dance Teacher Bobbie as well as a team of other dance teachers. The class will involve a number of a different genres of dance including ballet, hip-hop, tap and more.


Our spectacular Art Camp operates on every school holiday and is managed by a team of Art teachers who all have taught art to children before. Their role is to spark childrens imaginations in the world of art through a series of select activities including clay, cross-stitch, painting, printing and more using a variety of equipment and resources.


Our amazing Music Camp operates every holiday and is managed by a team of music teachers all with their indiviudal instrumental specialisms which includes drums, guitar, piano, violin and vocals. They are assisted by a team of youth workers and youth assistants. The week will involve learning three songs with the children forming a choir and then presenting their musical talent to the general public. The children will also learn various instruments or enhance the skills they already have.


Our Engineering camp is the newest edition for children over 8 years old where your child has the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s going to be just like going to school. In fact they are engaging, fun, and interactive with your child learning about a wide range of STEM subjects including video game design, 3D modelling, coding, robotics, and much much more. Kids leave at the end of the week having made new friends, improved their social skills, and developed new knowledge they can apply at school, and possibly even in a future career.

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