[email protected]! Dance Troupe

[email protected]! is a dance troupe based in North West London under the artistic direction of Kreation Station.  [email protected]! creates multimedia urban dance performances that incorporates many street dance styles which offer competitive, provocative and daring performances which speak the language of Hip-Hop.

[email protected]! aims to tell stories using the movement vocabulary of many dance styles including: bboying/bgirling, krump dance, house dance, locking, popping, waacking, and capoeira to name a few and credits the team of staff for the birth of this amazing crew.

[email protected]! is committed to innovating the realm of competitive hip-hop dance as well as uplifting the community through its residencies, workshops, and special events. 

When we train?

Kehlanii! trains twice weekly on Tuesdays and Sundays at our Northwest London community centre and will be competing in many competitions in the UK and around the world.


Are you a talented dancer? We are seeking new dancers for this brand new dance troupe! We will be competing often, carrying out public engagement events and inviting the public to witness this incredible art form.

Our Schedule

Tuesdays & Sundays

7-11 years - 4pm-5pm

11-16 years - 5pm - 6.30pm

17-24 years - 6.30pm - 8pm