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Kreation Station is lucky to be able to have such a talented set of teachers and professionals whose philosophy matches our very own mission statement of being there to bring to life the community and the context of what the term community is alongside educating children and adults into recognising they can have more if they want it whilst at the same time paying it forward to next person when they share that wisdom of growth and opportunity. Therefore please meet the team who are here for you and your children.

Yvonne Frazer - Founder

Yvonne is the Founder of Kreation Station. Her belief in the youth and community of today is the foundation behind her reason for establishing this glorious organisation! Yvonne is an adventurer by nature with ambition higher than can be described. She is a people person with compassion for the suffering and her only role in life is to serve GOD and his work. Kreation Station to Yvonne is the reason she has moved away from just being another person who talks alot but takes no action. This is why Kreation Station was born, to make a difference to society, to save the children from the streets and the parents from facing the risk of not seeing their children grow. It is about opening up new opportunities for children and young adults to be the best they can be knowing that someone will be there to help and support them.

Adam Merzo - Partner

Adam is a newly appointed partner in Kreation Station. He comes with an amazing background in Sport and Fashion. He is an entrepreneur who can deliver much more to the youth of today than just experience. He is passionate and driven and wants to work with every young person he can to instil in them the confidence to go forward with whatever dreams and ambitions they have. He is unassuming and sincere and wants Kreation Station to be a success on the merits of being forward thinking in both youth employment and training. His motto is 'DONT WORK HARD, WORK SMART"

Sara Carter - Young Business Advisor








Jessie Plumley - Art Teacher

Jessie Plumley is a confident, sassy art enthusiast who trained at a top university on a Fine Arts Degree program where she was able to complete amazing forward-thinking projects that tell a story of what she is, what she thinks and how she feels about the world today. Jessie was born in London herself and has insight into the current challenges young people face in modern day Britain. This is why Jessie, is excited about creating a happy, safe and educating environment which will draw children away from the challenges of the streets and into an art project that can teach these young people to create something beautiful and where they can learn from one another.


Anastasia Russia - Art Teacher & Murallist

Anastasia is a practising fine art professional artist who is not only a Fine Arts specialist but also a muralist whose murals around the world have gathered media attention that recognises that her pieces have a story to tell in their own right. 

Her greatest ambition is to share her love of art and creativity to other people whether it be through a simple painting done by a seven year old or a live drawing piece in the adult classes. Either way Anastasia hopes to share her knowledge of classical and contemporary art techniques as well as cultural studies to the widest possible audience.

In addition, her philosophy is enjoy art to the point that you dont even know your being educated in Art which allows her to deliver inspiration and happiness without the student being aware they are even being taught.

Bogdaniel Zota - Mobile Repair Trainer

Welcome to Bogdaniel Zota who is a family man with a new baby of five months old who we recognise is definitely the love of his life. He is originally from Romania but has been in the UK since 2015 where he has transferred his diverse technology skills as a qualified and highly experienced (16 Years) repair technician in all things technological. 

Since arriving in London he has worked for some of the biggest corporations including Apple and Samsung and although he was doing something he enjoys he felt there was something missing from his career progression and on noticing the role at Kreation Station knew he was destined to teach the subject he had mastered and share those skills with children and adults who in the next generation could be able to carry out simple repairs themselves.

Adylle Allen - Mobile Repair Trainer

Adylle is a Mobile Repair Technician and bodybuilder. He has worked with technology for the past seven years ensuring that customers receive the best repair service he can deliver. His aim as a teacher will be to teach our young people between the ages of 13 and 17 how to repair mobile phones in our teen employment programme. He will also teach adults so that they are able to repair their own devices instead of being reliant on an outside service.

In addition, Adylle is creating Kreation Station's first boxing education program where he hopes to teach children about taking care of themselves through healthy eating, encouraging them to maintain belief in themselves through a raising of their confidence and inspiring them to think outside the box so that he not only teaches the subject but also to teach how to use those skills appropriately in real life.

Amran Hussein - DV Support Worker

Amran has a beautiful soul inside and out, she is a recent and passionate law graduate who has graduated from a top university with a real desire to work within a community setting where she would like the opportunity to not only educate the community on their legal rights. but also work on a very supportive domestic violence intervention programme.

Outside of work her Amran is from a large family with many brothers and sisters to be proud of, she has hobbies including cross-stitch, reading, keeping fit whilst researching and educating her mind in social work and more.


Bobbie Tina - Dance Teacher

Bobbie Tina is one of Kreation Stations youngest and most passionate teachers who has joined the team to give her own spin of the specialist field of dance an area she has incredible experience in since her path began at a very young age. Bobbie brings to the team an incredible desire to teach children and adults to express themselves through dance and music, a place that Bobbie believes will allow people to create and develop friendships, dance skills and more.

The dance Bobbie intends to teach is far and wide beyond the realms of street dance and ballet in fact as she helps to transform this amazing group of young and mature dancers she will develop their skill level over and above what is needed to be part of the [email protected]! dance troupe which has been created to tell a story about Kreation Station being there to care about the community.

Richard Li - Karate Instructor & Mandarin Teacher

Richard Li is a hardworking and inspiring Karate Teacher. He began his Karate career as a youth champion before becoming a black belt 2 years after he started as a white belt through day-to-day training.  Having started as a youth champion and as an instructor, his philosophy around Karate is that it is important to develop character through exercise, Karate is also about bringing people together as a community of individuals of different backgrounds. Richard hopes to cultivate the next generation of martial art enthusiasts to reap the benefits of Karate in terms of fitness enhancement and spiritual enrichment.

Being multilingual in his native Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), English, Japanese, Spanish and German, Richard is passionate to introduce Chinese to connect us to its vibrant 5000 year-old history and culture, as well as to its ever-growing community and influence in the world’s economy and international environment. 

John Tobish - Chess Master

John is a Chess Master and Law Teacher having began playing chess at the age of just 14. At age 21 he became a very passionate Chess Coach at the same time as studying to be a lawyer where he has since devoted his time to teaching Chess and legal education. His main passions are learning, writing and playing chess as well as a keen interest in Music, the arts and travelling.

He was an amazing lawyer before he turned his attention to teaching and educating young minds and has done so ever since. He is now working with Kreation Station to offer the same amazing education to the young people of London in being an excellent Chess player.


Camilia de Carvalho Ramiro - Veterinary Teacher

Camilia de Carvalo is a brazilian veterinary surgeon with over twelve years experience caring for our furry little friends whom she is passionate about both professionally and personally. Her love of animals extends so far that she is assisting us to create our very own K9 Fit Club for dogs and their owners to gain a chance to exercise and socialise together. In addition Camilia whose main passions in life are her family and educating others is excited to be here in the UK after recently moving here to be with her husband who owns his own successful business.

Camilia is excited to be able to deliver a number of programmes for Kreation Station which include animal care, pre-vet courses and more under our Lil Zoologist programme.

Josefina Chitamba - Welfare & Immigration Rights Officer

Josefina joins Kreation Station has a highly experienced welfare and immigration rights caseworker. Her experience for the past 8 years has been in the realm of welfare rights and this soon developed recently into immigration rights working with various local authorities across London to specialise in the Social Security law, housing, homelessness and others.

Her education background is incredible with a degree from a top university in Social Welfare Law and Policy and Advice Practice. She follows every step of changes in the law in order to help her clients to the best of her ability alongside continuously updating her practical skills.

Josefina is also a mother of one son and an amazing aunty to her sisters children, she loves books, travelling and music but also has keen interests in baking.

Asif Zamir - Driving Theory Instructor

Asif is a dynamic professional driving instructor and entrepreneur who owns his own driving school. He is a former DVSA driving examiner having worked at various test centres across London, Asif has joined Kreation Station simply to educate young people better in the theory of driving something he is deeply passionate about and recognises it is the key to reducing accidents for new drivers.

Outside of being a fantastic driving instructor, Asif is a keen DIY enthusiast (expert!), has a love of cars (obviously!) and his favourite pastime of Taekwondo (thinks he is Bruce Lee!) and finally last but not least cycling where he aims to participate in future charitable bike rides to raise money for good causes.


Brandon Burke - Dance Teacher






Zareen Merzo - Hair & Make-up Instructor





Dale Hunter - Specialist Trainer






Chante Dennis - DJ Instructor

Chante Dennis is a Music Producer and DJ from North West London who derives from  a musically oriented background. For Chante, music has always been a prominent part of her life which developed over a number of years including those when she studied Music Technology.

As Chante's knowledge developed over time her she made the decision to specialise in sound design and music recording and now has the ability to accommodate every audio requirement which is thanks to opportunities she had during her training to work for example at Capital Xtra whilst also undertaking their Music Potential Business program which Chante felt gave her a better understanding of the music industry as a whole.

In addition, Chante has been part of a tour of the UK with two popular Reggae Bands (Samory-I & The Black Heart Band and Earthkry) and recently appeared in an interview on BBC Radio about what her current plans and ambitions are where Chante was able to put Kreation Station into the spotlight to celebrate the service Chante hopes to deliver as a DJ Instructor and Music Producer.

Jerome Clarke - DJ Instructor






Edwin Marcow - Photography Teacher

Edwin began his photographic career in 1988 with fashions shoots for for various collections and designers. After some years he then transferred to shooting natural history and had a long and distinguished career shooting marine & wildlife for clients including the National Geographic and Discovery.

Today he is considered a multi award-winning photographer shooting weddings, bar/ batmitzvah’s and fashion having been inducted into Society Wedding Photographers World, recipient of gold and silver Hasselblad awards, appointed as a judge on the panel of the Venice International Photographic Contest and listed in the prestigious publication The World’s Top Photographers for Photo-Journalism

Outside of being obessive about all things photography and film, he also likes to relax by going to the gym, reading and travelling. In addition I am a quiet and calm mannered person who is kind and gentle.

Rim Baajour - Arabic Teacher