Our speech and language therapist is able to work with children of all ages as well as adults although they do frequently see more under seven's who have difficulties with:

  • talking or understanding
  • pronunciation
  • stammering
  • social communication, and
  • autism

Our Therapy

When Kreation Stations therapist works with you. They will design a therapy programme made up of structured sessions sometimes with play and games for the younger ones that motivate your child to communicate or through otherwises for those a little older of which these sessions will reguarly take place at the hub.

  • speech-therapist-teaching-letter-pronunciation-to-YVKP8UJ
  • wooden-blocks-with-letters-P9NCB8N
    • speech-therapy-activities-PD4M6GH
    • girl-and-speech-therapist-PS7QGQY

      Review progress every session

      At the beginning of the process targets will be set so that everyone knows what their working towards. Progress reviews will move towards these targets every session.

      Parents often ask how many therapy sessions their child will need. It’s difficult to answer when they first meet because they don’t know how your child will respond to therapy. More clarity can be found after 4-6 sessions.