Blue Lagoon SEN Art programme for children and adults has been created to hone in on the excitement that art delivers for the artists when being creative.  We offer a wide range of art mediums which offer children the chance to develop a particular set of skills that are transferable throughout life. We have designed these classes to cater for all needs through the use of the various senses and recognise that small classes are essential. We also want them to be fun so your child is excited already for the next class before this one is even over.

About our classes

Our SEN art classes are for children aged 18 months to 17 years old and are held at the Brent Hub. They are fun and interactive with clear learning objectives designed to develop important skills such as colour, shade, line, shape, form, tone & space. Children work with qualified artists and artist grade materials which support students in their creative development.

More about our classes

When children are young they draw symbolically which is why we encourage the children to do this through art gaining understanding of the world around them

As we move to the 7 and overs we recognise they start trying to draw realistically. At this point, children are ready for the guidance and support to develop their techniques and love for art.

We recognise that by understanding the visual skills that children can achieve at each age, we are able to provide a personalised art programme to each individual especially as we offer small classroom sizes.

We teach a range of mediums and techniques. Once mastered, imagination and skill combine, resulting in creation of original artwork.

Ww also assist with working towards an Art GCSE which many can find daunting; our art lessons help GCSE students with perspective, portrait drawing and techniques that build up their sketchbooks to create structured, well-formed coursework.