Kreation Station is lucky enough to be able to offer an array of sports activities with its access to multiple play areas. At the Brent Community Enterprise Hub we have a multi-purpose hall suitable for Football, Badminton, Dodgeball, Cricket and more. There is also a dance hall for personal training and other fitness classes. We also have access to a number of public fields which we will use to deliver our Football Academy and other such programmes.

NW City FC

NW City FC is a brand new football club coming to North West London that offers a unique service whereby we provide everything you need to train including kit, FA fees, place to train, the best coaches and real opportunities to progress should you want to.


Dodgeball is an extremely fun and energetic game suitable of both children and adults together or independently. It is a team sport in which players on two opposing teams attempt to throw a collection of balls aimed at hitting their opponents, while avoiding being hit themselves. At Kreation Station this is something we offer for children as well as families. Providing a unique opportunity for parents or caregives to spend time with the children in a relaxed and fun environment.


The Wicket Cricket Club (WCC) aims to have one of the best junior cricket sections in London by 2020. We aim to collectively gather more than 300 junior players across London with over 30 teams of all shapes and sizes ranging from the Under-6 to Under-20, all managed by a team of qualified & experienced coaches. 


Tennis the Menace Tennis Club is a brand new sport, training, education, entertainment and lifestyle program all rolled into one. It is targeted at children as young as 2.5 years up to the age of 20 years. The programme will be delivered by ability and/or age and there is hope that we will be setting up our own league alongside joining existing leagues to be able to compete across London and the UK.

Little Olympics

The Little Olympics Kids Club will aim to focus on a Child’s physical development such as their balance, coordination, strength, agility, rhythm, and flexibility whilst preparing them to excel in their sport of choice.

The club will promote and encourage all sports activity, whilst at the same time teaching children to learn in their own time, process information at their own pace and intensity according to their own specific needs including those with physical advantages and disadvantages without ruling one or the other out for being able to participate as they please.


Purple Dragon Karate Club has been designed to support a number of areas outside the obvious ones of learning discipline, improving fitness levels, learning self defence and competing. It has also been designed to improve a child's academic levels, prevent or manage bullying, assist with special educational needs such as ADHD and ASD as well as improving focus and gaining confidence.


NW CITY BOXING CLUB was created so children and adults can enjoy our boxing and fitness programme where they can build their skills in a safe, fun and positive environment.

The 45-minute classes are designed to encourage the development of motor skills and mobility through various exciting boxing related activities.

The classes are strictly non-contact for the under 16's. Much like the development of modern no contact rugby for children. The classes are developed on a programme that teaches real boxing techniques and drills without the risk of being hit!

Students practice their technique in partners, on punching bags and by doing pad work with coaches, as well as by using other child friendly equipment. The children improve their balance, co-ordination, flexibility and agility within an age appropriate boxing curriculum.

NW City Netball Club

NW City NetballClub provides opportunities for girls from 7 years to 18 years to develop their netball and teamwork skills during weekly training sessions. The club have level 2 coaches with substantial coaching and umpiring experience between and are supported by level 1 coaches who assist in running the training sessions.

The club will aim to focus on competitive netball whilst ensuring fun and enjoyment for everyone. All the girls will get lots of support to help them develop to their full potential as netball players and as a person and we deliver training and education in lifeskills.

The squads train indoors during the Autumn and Winter months and outside in the Spring and Summer months.