Purple Dragon Karate Academy

Come down and visit our Purple Dragon Karate Academy and equip your child with the skills needed to succeed in life, including but not limited to overall fitness and self-defense. In addition, your child will be taught karate progressing appropriately through the goals that the Karate Master will set and the child will aim to achieve, These include a range of coloured belts that indicate to those around them their particualr skill level. In addition, they will help teach the importance of working hard to achieve success which Purple dragon believes can be transfered during the child's life into other significant areas.

It is also important for the Karate Master to teach your children self-discipline, the importance of training and how to express creatively within a set of guidelines during every competition they participate in.

Age Groups:

  • Our classes start at the age of 4 years up-to age 19.
  • We also do a number of self-defence classes for adults.
  • Classes will be seperated by age.
  • A Karate Uniform is provided following the first 6 weeks of training. However the belts will be payable separately

What you need to know:

  • These classes will teach young students the basics of karate, as well as how to set and achieve goals.
  • Students will also learn how to overcome different fears and challenges while developing better motor coordination, discipline and teamwork abilities.
  • Students will practice, train and receive appropriate belts with us in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.