Life Skills

Kreation Station recognises and understands that the term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life. Therefore when considering what life skills are important for children and adults we decided to focus on the every day skills that are needed.

These skills will be required at various stages in the course of a persons life and are recognised to be of great importance.

Driving Theory

The course covers road signs, road markings, speed limits and stopping distances, the hazard perception test and more.

Whether you have tried the driving theory test before, or are a complete beginner, driving theory can help you get closer to passing your test.

The course is targeted at individuals who need a little extra support with their reading, writing and numbers.

Every week the course covers a different driving theory subject, and you also get a chance to practice the test with support from our tutors. In the last year, several of our learners have gone on to pass their theory test, many have moved on to driving lessons, and we've heard from several learners that they've passed their practical! 


This practical sewing course will help you become familiar with the basics of machine sewing, help you build your confidence at working with a professional machine, and develop a range of related sewing skills.

The course includes looking at different needles and threads suitable for fabric types, standard stitches, seaming curved edges, straight edges and gathered edges together, various seam types including: french seams and flat fell seams, simple buttonholes, topstitching, trimming work and pressing as well as knitting and cross stitch.


These cooking workshops cater specially for your little chefs, with fun-filled classes that impart basic kitchen techniques whilst also helping to develop a sensibility for quality ingredients and balanced eating. While the appreciation of good food is universal, it is important that children understand the foods, the path to healthy eating and how to help mums and dads prepare delicious meals.

Animal Care

Kreation Station are passionate about educating children about animals. We believe it’s important for children to learn to care for and respect animals – as this helps them grow up to become the caring and compassionate pet owners of the future. We think it’s vital to ensure the next generation know how to care for their pets and stay safe around animals.


The Children’s Gardening Program offers the perfect way for kids to get outside and get their hands dirty with guidance from qualified teachers. The children will plant, tend, and harvest fresh vegetables and herbs, and learn about topics from pollination to composting with each gardening season offering a unique and engaging activities