Music Maestro Class

Come join the fun as we do an 60 minutes of music and movement. Each week your child will learn new songs including holiday, traditional, folk and multicultural. Percussion instruments will be used each week. Rhythm will be taught with drums, castanets, tone blocks, maracas, and bells. Children will be introduced to orchestra instruments as well as others from around the world. Movement, dancing and literature are also taught in fun and imaginative ways.

Sing with me!

Our sing with me class helps babies to develop self-expression and language skills. So, we love to sing our hearts out and respond to a huge variety of music delivered by real musical instruments and in a fun and relaxing environment which entices brain development and bonding time with parents and carers.


The Music Maestro Academy offers a songwriting class which aims to cover a wide range of songwriting techniques, and during the course you will: Develop an awareness of song structures, lyrical content and musical composition. Learn how lyricism and musicality work together. Create one complete song, with lyrics and melody, to be performed at an informal showcase.