Our Academy

The Music Maestro Academy is dedicated to providing high quality, affordable instruction and performance opportunities to academy students, regardless of age or ability.

It is the mission of The Music Maestro Academy to inspire students to a life-long love of music and the arts. The Music Maestro Academy believes the arts are fundamental therefore we recognise that expert tuition is a vital factor in the welfare of all people. We believe the arts gives meaning and wholeness to all human existence, extending from the life of the individual to the community and ultimately to our entire civilisation.

We do this through the delivery of tuition in several music instruments, music theory and appreciation, our choir, vocal coaching and our very own record label where we will take a child's talent and launch it on a variety of platforms giving the children and young adults a chance to be heard.

We will also enter a variety of competitions, perform at events around London and hold our very own regular music concerts to display your children's talents.

Music Theory & Appreciation

The Music Maestro Academy delivers music appreciation, history and theory has been designed to be delivered at varying levels. Basic music theory can be taught from a young age however in order to teach the appreciation and history a student must have learnt how to play an instrument to an intermediate level. This is because researchers of music learning sequences have concluded that students must have thoroughly mastered and internalized skills and concepts before any concentration of appreciation can be felt or historical knowledge taught, or else the appreciation and historical information has no internal connection within the students to be meaningful to them.

Vocal Coaching

The Music Maestro Academy will be home to some of London's top vocal coaches, each of whom have taught a wide-range of clients from all age groups and abilities. In addition, they are also trained in the world-renowned 'Speech Level Singing' vocal technique and will help our clients to bring out the best of their voice in order to sing for joy or for the purpose of recording..

Music Maestro Choir

The Music Maestro Academy is able to present their very own Choir providing an ensemble of singers with mixed ages and backgrounds. Our choirs may often perform music from a range of musical repertoire, which spans from the medieval era to the present, or popular music repertoire

We also aim to be one of the largest community choirs in the north west of London, enabling people who enjoy singing to meet socially while developing their voice – with uplifting material including gospel, pop, jazz, funk, soul, and the root of it all, African song.

North West London is also home to people from all over the world, and we celebrate this diversity by welcoming eveyone to join this amazing and fun environment.


The Music Maestro Academy offers a songwriting class which aims to cover a wide range of songwriting techniques, and during the course you will: Develop an awareness of song structures, lyrical content and musical composition. Learn how lyricism and musicality work together. Create one complete song, with lyrics and melody, to be performed at an informal showcase.

DJ Training

Our DJ Course which is spread across 12 weeks gives you plenty of time between sessions to practice either at home. You can choose to take the course with 1 weekly day time session or 2 weekly evening sessions.

With only 12 students per course you will receive the tutors full attention and won't feel crowded or rushed. The centre has the latest DJing equipment including Pioneer CDJ's, Serato Controllers, Traktor S4 Controllers as well as a range of mixing boards and FX units from Pioneer and Allen & Heath. So during your course you will experience and learn to use a broad spectrum of DJing equipment.

DJs completing DJ Complete will get the chance to play at a our in house DJ event as well as have the opportunity to DJ externally.