Many young girls or boys that want to be models don't know how the Modelling industry works, and of course do not understand what modelling training is for or whether it’s really required but at Maraja Modelling Academy we can safely guide new starters into the world of modelling, with confidence and a real skill-set especially since we see our models as more than just a hanger for clothing they have the ability to embody moods, characters and so much more. Therefore one minute they can be a strong and powerful individual, or confident and sexy the next day. Some photo shoots require vulnerability; other shoots require ‘the girl next door’.

So during our training an important skill we teach is the ability to adapt to instructions, and how to fulfil various director requirements because we are able to recognise that modelling is also about learning how to express rich emotions, and how to best connect to atmospheres. In fact the requirements of modelling can be much more than expected. Often, the skills needed won’t come naturally to most, and require direction, training and effort.

Knowing all of the above, Do you want to be a Model?

If you are considering becoming a model, but feel challenged by not knowing where to begin, or who to talk to, why not engage the support of Maraja Modelling Academy as our team will be able to support you from the very beginning, we even have an in-house stylists, make-up artists and photographers to ensure we offer a multi-disciplinary team for your training!

The Struggles

In the modelling world there are numerous challenges for a  beginner. These challenges can include facing self expression. In addition to become the very best model that you can be, you need to create the strongest presentation and images that key designers and photographers are seeking regardless of whether you are signed or unsigned with a modelling group.

In fact in general, a model will always require at the very minimum: Training, Guidance, and Test shoot experience. After these experiences, then you will be ready to be launched into the world of modelling work.

If we consider the supermodels of the 90’s we recognise that each and every successful model can attest to having received some type of informal or formal training and support of some kind, yet many new and aspiring models believe that by simply showing up and dressing the part, they are a model. The reality is much different!

To put things into context, imagine needing a Doctor for your business, so you go ahead and hire someone who happened to dress the part of a Doctor. Later, you learn that the hired individual actually has no real training (or experience) - it just would not work and could cause great issues.

Therefore, as with any professional career choice, training, teaching and clear understanding, are absolutely vital components for success in modelling.

Our Training Sessions

 Our formal model training sessions are delivered at our North West London Academy with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of personalised training.

 Our Modelling Trainer Adam Merzo, will expertly guide you in conduct, demeanour and presentation, with the intention of getting the absolute best out of you or your child.

In addition to the above we also have our own Modelling agency and therefore our portfolios are provided FREE OF CHARGE when you sign up to one of our courses whihc is taken by our world-class photograpghy team who have photographed many famous models including Jerry Hall. Our agency is run by an experienced team of professionals who have the contacts and know how to organise real life modelling opportunities with some of the worlds best brands.