Why learning a new language is important in 2019?

According to the British Council recently, one in three British people say that they can hold a conversation in another language. However, according to The Guardian, over half of people in the EU can speak a minimum of two languages. It is clear to most that in England we are severely lagging behind our fellow man in Europe.

With a recent review in 2016 of language teaching in English secondary schools, only 34 per cent of pupils obtained a GCSE in a language subject at a good grade, with fewer than five per cent achieving the same in more than one foreign language. This alongside the UK’s imminent exit from the EU highlights the need, perhaps now more than ever before, for languages to be at the forefront a child's core learning especially in languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French and Arabic.

What are the key benefits of learning a new language?

No. 1 Cognitive boost

Choosing to learn a new language may help to improve brain function and intelligence. In dealing with abstract concepts, the process of learning a new language is believed to help develop your problem-solving skills, improve your memory and recall. 


No.2 New Friends, New Perspectives

As well as improving your ability to converse with locals whilst travelling, a new language opens the ability to make new friends in different cultures, expanding your worldview and increasing your friendship circle. Friends from new countries provide you with interesting new perspectives and a more global outlook and understanding.


No.3 Enhances Employment Prospects

Working proficiency in a second language is an advantage when it comes to employability. A number of jobs now ask for languages as a prerequisite. As well as making you stand out from other candidates who lack second language skills, you’ll also increase your chances of being able to travel to new countries as part of your role, expanding your career horizons in positive ways.


No.4 Delivers Creative Thinking

Learning a new language means overcoming barriers, which encourages divergent thinking, a thought process where you generate creative ideas by exploring many different solutions. Thus opening up your creative thinking ability.


No. 5 Helps Overcome Barriers

This can encourage divergent thinking, a thought process where you generate creative ideas by exploring many different solutions. Thus opening up your creative thinking ability.


Why learning study skills is key to success at university.

It is important to develop and improve study skills prior to attendance at university so that you have the opportunity to learn over a longer period than just a few short weeks as well as gaining an understanding of the demands of university before you are engulfed in the undertaking of  a 3 or 4 year undergraduate programme.

Book Worm

Our Kids Book Club is perfect for the budding young readers as well as the more experienced reader. Whether they love little adventures, mysteries, sci-fi or history, we will prepare a reading programme just for them by hand-selecting new books for their reading sessions. In addition, we will hold regular events including World Book Day, Book Shop and more. 

The Wise Words Programme

The KS Spelling Bee team will celebrate the value of learning to spell. With every child given a list of spelling words to learn for each and every competition they enter. The process for which will be to learn the spelling words through a variety of methods before moving forward to having in-class heats before moving on to decide which of our candidates if not all will enter the competitions which we hope to deliver throughout London, then the UK and finally the world.

Little Phonics!

Our fun Phonics class will introduce letter sounds to your child in a multi-sensory environment. Our interactive classes include phonemic awareness games, songs & visuals whilst focusing on learning phonemes, letter formation and blends.