Hustle Business School is a programme that believes in the entrepreneurial potential of children. We believe that children are the ultimate game-changers of tomorrow, they are the ones who will bring about positive change to our communities and the world as a whole. Our aim is to ignite and nurture their entrepreneurial mindsets with programs that develop their ability to CREATE ideas, and to turn them into reality. Whether children work on high-growth start-ups or on social and environmental change, we want them to be able to get things done. Our carefully developed program is delivered in a variety of formats and always consists of multiple modules that teach 'Exploring, Creating, and Building'.


To begin the process of EXPLORING the goal is to plant the seed. Students will be introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship and start-ups and learn how they can distinguish between entrepreneurs, employees, and other professionals. At the end of the modules, students will have the understanding on which traits, attitudes, and actions are at the core of successful entrepreneurial activities.


As we move on to CREATING we work with the curious mindsets of children and adults alike to introduce students to the concept of creativity and to methods of how ideas can be created individually or in groups, and how the best ideas can be selected. At the end of this module, students will create and choose their own ideas, which they will further explore in the following modules.


In this module of the program, students will look at BUILDING where they will learn how great ideas can be turned into winning businesses. Using a simplified version of the so-called "Business Model Canvas", our experienced mentors will lead the students through various stages of the development process i.e. the business concept. This module then culminates in the students' first professional "product pitch" before moving on should their pitch be successful to getting a Micro-loan to start their very own business.


The future belongs to entrepreneurs. The concept of creating individual and socioeconomic value through corporate careers seems to have run its course so entrepreneurs, in contrast, need to be able to create futures for themselves and opportunities for others. Therefore, we provide children with the opportunity to dream, create and grow their entrepreneurial ideas by encouraging independent thinking, inspiring creativity, and enabling problem-solving skills that are necessary for a successful future. 


Our goal is in the power of innovation and change by believing in the force that are our children. We therefore deliver engaging programs for children to help them develop entrepreneurial mindsets. We help them discover, create and grow entrepreneurial ideas by encouraging independent thinking, inspiring creativity, and enabling problem-solving skills that are necessary for a successful and fulfilling future. We understand entrepreneurship as something beyond the creation of high-growth business ventures - the skill to turn visions into reality, no matter whether it means starting a new company, becoming an environmental activist or advancing a social cause.