Kreation Station have put together their best teachers to deliver London's best Summer camps! We have something for everyone from Fashion to Football and even Music which also makes us a great flexible option for your children's summer break which is, bookable by individual days or a week at a time! 

Our camps offer an abundance of engaging activity in their chosen specialisms for children aged from 4-17 Years offering children the chance to pick up new skills and gain confidence in their chosen area of interest. In addition, courses run with their own way of deliverying activities that explore themed techniques or ideas and involve not just being at the centre but also in the community and open public spaces so that children use the outside world to inspire their learning as well as then having the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine that peaks through on occasions in summer!

At Kreation Station we believe this will allow for children to grasp content quickly and be able to deliver in performance. There is also an end of week showcase that will allow all of the children a chance to show off their unique set of skills to all parents and visitors and we also have a team of over 10 staff members who are SEN trained on both a classroom and one to one level so no child goes without the support they might need.

Our programme day consists of:

  • 8-10am - Children arrive, register and have breakfast with our staff whilst also partaking in special brain and body development exercises that will release some of their morning energy to allow for a higher level of alertness during their structured workshops.
  • 10-12am - The children will be in their speciality workshops with our qualified and experienced teachers who all have degrees and passion in their specific areas as well as experience of teaching and delivering unique programs to a unique set of children.
  • 12-2pm - This is our lunch break where the children will spend time with our Youth team having the opportunity to do a number of free play activities and eat the carefully selected packed lunch that you as parents have made them.
  • 2-4pm - The children return to their specialism workshops and enjoy another session of structured learning.
  • 4-6pm - This is our downtime where the children will be provided with an afternoon snack and an opporunity to be involved in Yoga, Meditation, reading or watching a movie on our big screen so that they are cool, calm and collected for when mums and dads arrive to collect their children.


Our amazing NW City FC Football Camp led by our FA qualified coaches have been designed to deliver learning in the key areas of Football. These include the rules as well as looking at techniques including power which will require our kids to sprint, jump and maneuver around the field using explosive power. It may also include squat jumps, box jumps, scissor jumps, lateral jumps and depth jumps. 

We then work on speed and agility meaning being able to maneuver quickly while maintaining control and form through a series of exercises as well as dribbling and Ppassing i.e. being able to move the ball quickly across the field and pass it to teammates who are in better position than you. This includes practicing passing both short and long distances, using both your right and left foot. 

We then look at shielding, tackling and trapping i.e. protecting the ball from opponents while you pass or shoot it as well as ensuring you only touch the ball with your foot, thighs, chest and head. Finally, we look at shooting and goalkeeping. Where we will practice shooting, kicking the ball against a wall or into the goal, alternating both feet from different distances and then practice lunging and protecting the goal area using multiple training methods.

In addition, to the standard training we also have the opportunity to take the children on field trips to great stadiums to look at the history behind the clubs and ground.


Our amazing PURPLE DRAGON karate camp is led by our qualified and experienced coaches who have worked hard to design a programme that will be both fun and engaging in a dynamic and active learning environment. Our camps aim to provide a  focus on developing coordination, self-control, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina and discipline in a safe, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. This unique program of fitness, fun and self-development will teach your child all the key traits necessary to succeed in life. Our key objective is to build strong youngsters both physically and mentally, building an “attitude of success” with every child.

We also teach them the history behind Karate through a series of activities and we even have field trips for the kids to enjoy!


Our amazing WICKET CRICKET cricket camp led by our qualified coaches have been created to deliver learning in the key areas of cricket. These include the rules as well as looking at developing techniques in hand-eye coordination, throwing or catching a ball, balance and intense, long-term concentration and more through a variety of cricket related activities. In addition our coaches will use consistent practice in these areas and apply it to the game of cricket so that thye develop and enhance their skillset as well as enjoying the love of the game.

In addition, our little cricketeers will have the opporunity to go on cricket related field trips and develop a love of the game that we hope will continue on beyond our summer program.


Our amazing [email protected]! dance camp is led by our qualified and experienced dance instructors who have developed an incredible dance programme that incorporates many styles of dancing including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, salsa and more. The children involved in this dance camp will have the opportunity to learn and develop a range of dance skills that can be carried into their future whether it is socially or professionally.

In addition, our children will participate in a range of activities related to dance which will teach them about empowerment, health and fitness, caring for your body and developing a sense of recognising your own achievements.

At the end of the week the groups will have the opporunity through a range of group and solo performances using music from a range of genres and also to attend a field trip that will enhance their knowledge of dancing and competing.


Our [email protected]@[email protected]@ summer camp is led by our degree qualified art teachers that have a long track record of excellence in art instruction for all ages. These hand-picked teachers bring to the table skills in many areas of art including but not limited to drawing, painting, sculpting, print-making and more.

During these summer camps your children will allow their Imaginations to soar as they spend a week being inspired by our theme of the environment and using that imagination alongside a network of materials and techniques will offer a great opportunity to express themselves.

We will have the opporunity to meet guest Artists who are famous in their own right for the pieces of art they magically create in addition to field trips to the Tate Modern and the National Gallery to name a couple of the places we will visit.

The week then culminates in our showcase where we will give parents an opportunity to use their key senses to embrace the art these children have created.


Music Maestro Summer camp is a camp for those who are new to music and for those that already have a great love for it. The week offers the chance to embrace both the theory and appreciation of music through carefully planned activities a well as the practical where your children will spend the week learning to play an instrument of their choosing!

In addition, this camp is operated by hand-picked degree qualified and experienced teachers who have a real love and passion for music both to listen to and play. They bring to the table a set of skills that they have been developed through world-renowned music programmes and will transfer those amazing skills to your children.

The camp also includes the opportunity to visit a live music performance and a musical museum before they perform themselves at our end of week showcase!


The Maraja fashion Summer camp is designed for both boys and girls who want to have the opportunity to learn about fashion, modelling and all that it encompasses. Our programme will safely guide new starters into the world of modelling, with confidence and a real skill-set that will recognise our models as more than just a hanger for clothing!

Children will have the opportunity to develop some performing arts skills that will challenge them to be able to embody moods, characters and so much more. Therefore one minute they can be a strong and powerful individual, or confident and sassy the next. Some photo shoots require vulnerability; other shoots require ‘the girl or boy next door’.

In addition, we will teach skills in presentation i.e. hair, make-up and poise whilst allowing the children to develop a sense of pride in what they are learning through a carefully put together photographic portfolio that the children will be able to use in future or even just as a memory maker.

Our programme will also incorporate trips to real-life catwalks and museums as well as the opportunity to walk a catwalk with real-life brands.


Our photography camp aims to introduce children to a concept that will make a big difference in the overall impact of their photography. Through a series of carefully prepared activities children will learn about all that encompasses photography including learning about the theory behind the practical, the tools they will use and then work on developing a range of techniques.

This is delivered through a series of activities that will inspire children both in the community setting and at the centre to showcase the rising difficulties and the raw beauty in the area around us which captured through a series of pictures that invite childrens imaginations to compete for the ultimate image.

The programme will also incorporate a visit to a gallery and a museum to learn more about the history and presentation of this great art process. Finally, the children will have the opportunity to showcase their collections for parents to see at the end of the week!

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