We provide Classroom based Driving Theory Test Lessons in our entre in NW10. We have an entire programme dedicated to teaching you driving theory and hazard perception so that yiou are fully conversant on the rules of the road. We even offer you free re-training should the result of your test not be the expected one.


About our classes

At Kreation Station we are able to provide classroom based theory test training. The course is designed to teach people of all ages over 16 as well as all abilities especially those that are struggling to pass the Driving Theory Test or would just like to have the support to learn in order to ensure they pass first time.

The Driving Theory Test:

There are two parts to the test; 'The Multiple Choice' test and 'The Hazard Perception' test. The multiple choice test is performed on a computer system. The test has 50 multiple choice questions and the candidate must answer at least 43 of them correctly to pass. A hazard perception test is where the student watches fourteen one-minute clips filmed from the perspective of a car driver or motorcyclist and have to indicate, usually by clicking a mouse button or touching the screen, when they observe a developing hazard. You will need 44 out of 75 to pass this test.

Class Description

Fast Track Full Training Class & FREE Re-training:
- 12 hour full training (more available if needed*)
- 2 hour sessions
- 1-2 session per a week
- 6 sessions in total (more available if needed*) 
- Lessons cover entire driving theory training test
- Includes training material
- Practice questions
- Power point slides
- Hazard perception training
- 99% Pass rate first time
- FREE RETRAINING if the student fails
- Cost: £60

*Additional fee may be payable