Family Dodgeball

Come and let out your frustrations and keep fit all whilst enjoying some fun and games as a family with Family Dodgeball!

A lot of parents will remember Dodgeball with a warm sense of nostalgia. If you're new to it - dodgeball is simply a game that will keep you on your toes! 

In addition, we will offer dodgeball for just the kids to learn the value of such a game so that when it comes family dodgeball they have all the instruction they need!

What you need to know:

  • Dodgeball is two team sport in which players throw balls to hit opponents until theres only one player standing.
  • The aim is to avoid being hit by the ball.
  • To get your opponent out you must either catch the ball your rival throws at you or hit them with the ball.
  • All balls used will be made of foam thus ensuring no one gets hurt! 
  • Play with your family or team up for Parent vs. Child!

Age Groups:


There will be 5 age groups:

  • Under 7's  
  • Under 10's  
  • 10 to 14    
  • 15 to 18    
  • 18+