About Us

At Kreation Station we have a selection of classes and programs in the area of dance whether it is joining [email protected]! our dance troupe that will battle in competitions all over the UK or whether it will be joining our Belissima Ballet School we have a class for every age group from 6 months to 24 years old. 

At KS we feel that dance is a huge part of life, it is a great way to escape, have fun and stay healthy. The right music is also key to every dance piece and so we have an amazing music team who will help prepare and deliver unique pieces for our dance groups.

Why we are the best?

The best and unique thing about us is we even provide the uniform at a discounted price unlike other dance companies in the area because we want dance to be available to everyone which is why even our class fees are below market average.

In addition all of our teachers are OFSTED registered and DBS Checked to make it more accessible to all.

We also only charge on a per half term basis so that the fees dont have to be paid too far ahead given your children the chance to try out our service over a longer period that just a one lesson free trial where everything can feel magic and amazing on the first class.

Belissima Ballet School

Our Belissima Ballet School is a multi-purpose program. It offers understanding of movement to express a music piece whilst also illuminating human emotion and endeavor. It is also multi-faceted with its classical form, traditional stories and contemporary choreographic innovations that intertwine to produce the character of ballet.

Mummy, Daddy & Me

Purposely designed dance class for mummies and their children offering gentle yet fun exercise programme which will bring forward the bond between mother and child whilst recognising the advantage of socialising for both mother and child.


@DoodleDance we are delivering the opportunity for an action packed, full of fun 30-minute dance class.

Classes are suitable for both boys and girls aged from 6 months upwards, however if they’re younger but steady on their feet it is worth coming to try out.

[email protected]! is a Dance Troupe like no other. We are not only a dance company with a group of dancers! In fact we are a mission in itself working together to perform dance routines which deliver a statement, a story and change whether is localised or societal.