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The Community Cadets were out in force on Sunday 5th May at the Canal Waterway in NW10. The team were shocked by the state of the canal and decided to put a clean up in place. The founder of Kreation Station Yvonne Frazer, and her team as well as volunteers from the local community and the Metropolitan Police Force donned their wetsuits and climbed into the canal to clean up the horrific level of rubbish that had been thrown into the canal as well as the large amounts of algae that had formed.

The levels of algae and rubbish was beyond measure yet the team of Community Cadets and community volunteers who turned up to help on seeing what we were doing worked tirelessly for several hours to take it from a polluted mess to a beautifully clean environment. That is not to say there isnt more to be done and therefore the community cadets will join forces with the local heroes (volunteers) to do this again very soon.

In the meantime, if you feel there is any area in Brent where the Community Cadets can help, please please do let us know and we will be sure to get a team down there to assess!!

In addition, if you want to volunteer with the Community Cadet Corps then please do sign up now!!


As described before the beautiful canal was covered by algae which is a type of bacteria (known as cyanobacteria) that comes in different species which also has the ability to use the sun’s energy to make food in the same way that many plants do.  Under certain conditions the blooms of algal growth can appear as thick scums on the surface of the water just as we saw during our cleanup!

Why is it a Problem?

There is a growing concern to waterways users as one quarter of algal blooms are known to produce toxins. These toxins can result in illness in humans but have been known to kill cows, sheep and dogs that have been drinking from the water’s edge.


When the blooms decay they use up the oxygen in the water and can lead to the death of aquatic organisms and a decline in biodiversity as well as havinga negative impact on the appearance, quality and use of the water.

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    During the course of the clean-up the team of community cadets and staff at Kreation Station worked very hard to remove not only the surface rubbish but also the rubbish at the bottom of the canal. This resulted in removing everything from plastics, furniture, shoes, clothing, bags and more. It was horrific!


    After the clean-up had finished we had cleared over 1.3 tonnes of rubbish and algae from the waterways which was swifty removed from the side of the canal thanks to Hyde Housing who manage the surrounding properties thus ensuring that the cleaned area stayed clean! It is now of great importance that we as a community ensure that we look after our waterways and keep them clean and clear to promote the biodiversity of our canals.

    It also allows for an area of enrichment for those who live nearby and look out onto the canals.

    It is therefore important to thank all of the volunteers who joined us from the neighbouring houses to assist in the clean up when they spotted what we were doing!

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