Community Cadet Corp

The Community Cadets were out in force on Saturday 13th July in Stonebridge. The team were shocked by the state of the area and decided to put a clean up in place alongide Cllr Promise Knight and the Mayor of Brent, Cllr Ernest. The founder of Kreation Station Yvonne Frazer, and her team of over 50 volunteers from the local community, the Metropolitan Police Force and local council staff did an amazing job at clearing up the area around Hilltop Avenue and Fawood Avenue.

The levels of rubbish was beyond measure yet the team of Community Cadets and community volunteers who turned up to help on seeing what we were doing worked tirelessly for several hours to take it from a polluted mess to a beautifully clean environment. That is not to say there isnt more to be done and therefore the community cadets will join forces with the local heroes (volunteers) to do this again very soon.

In the meantime, if you feel there is any area in Brent where the Community Cadets can help, please please do let us know and we will be sure to get a team down there to assess!!

In addition, if you want to volunteer with the Community Cadet Corps then please do sign up now!!