We are community based cadets striving for young men and women aged over 7 years with an ethos of SERVE! LEARN! REMEMBER!. We have our own structure, values and disciplines that aim to work together in the community to do better. To understand that we as a volunteer organisation are dedicated to providing a safe, fun yet challenging environment for today’s youth as well as meeting the needs of the community.

Our lessons teach the cadets self reliance and endurance through participation. It helps to build the confidence and self-esteem of the individual, while developing teamwork through necessity whilst in the community. We encourage and foster the potential of all children without prejudice, and promote the value of community service.

What we offer?

As a Community Cadet Corp we offer the following:

  • Training in Health and Safety, Fire Marshalling and First Aid
  • Disaster Relief Skills
  • Communication skills and Customer Service
  • Leadership Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Community Awareness Training

All of this is delivered in order to carry out community related tasks whether it be as a clean up crew around the borough,  painting a mural on an area that is not looking its best, creating a community garden, feeding the homeless, fundraising or someone's DIY project we will be able to assist our community.