Comedy Club

Our Comedy Club is being designed to give children the confidence to make a joke and enjoy the laughter that follows. Children from age 6 will be taught how to love the microphone and how to stand onstage without fear using a mix of solo work, sketches and improv games which will allow the children to come up with material that suits them and the audience they are performing for.

Each workshop has been designed to a particular set of material ingredients and each half term period will follow a different theme. In addition where the children feel comfortable we allow parents and families to sit in on the end of sessions to see the children present what they have been learning.

Outside of these regular sessions, we also do one-off workshops and comedy nights where the children will get to showcase their talents and ideas and the only requirement for the course is a good sense of humour.

Workshop Tasks

Below are some examples of the tasks the children could be asked to do in a workshop:

  • Ultimate embarrassing moments: Where the children discuss their most embarrassing moments in their life and find a way to spin it into a funny story.
  • Picture captions: Kids are given a funny picture and asked to write a caption/deliver a comedy sketch.
  • Superhero Moments - Where children will be asked to make up a Superhero includign the name, backstory and adventures.
  • Mini Sketches: The children will be provided with a basic premise and have to devise a sketch around this.