Our Chess Club is a friendly and sociable club in NW10. We aim to be a progressive and sociable club that will make you feel welcome no matter what your chess background, culture, or nationality!

We will compete in a number of different leagues across London and the UK, providing all members with the opportunity to play regular games throughout the season. Former British Champion and International Grandmaster John Tobish is the clubs Teacher. 

We host a regular chess events at the hub including a chess spectacular this summer. Over the Summer we also operate a summer camp .

What is a chess tournament?

A chess tournament is a series of chess games played competitively to determine a winning individual or team. Since the first international chess tournament in London, 1851, chess tournaments have become the standard form of chess competition among serious players.

The benefits of Chess

  1. Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis right from childhood helps to improve the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child.
  2. Chess invites children to learn how to strategise aspects of the game and life. In addition, it allows children to learn the importance of foresight and planning.
  3. Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis from early childhood also teaches the importance of being disciplined in life as well as aiding in improving the self-confidence of the child, which is extremely essential for children's growth.
  4. In the game of chess, children learn how to do a thorough analysis, research, and assessment of a situation before making decisions almost like an exercise that provides mental clarity
  5. Mental clarity and mental dexterity is required for solving problems, analysing consequences, and formulating future tactics.
  6. Children playing chess from an early age exhibit extraordinary memory skills.
  7. Chess also helps in improving concentration and academic performance of the child.

When is it on?

Our chess program is available on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm-6pm.