KS Care Leavers Programme

Kreation Station's Care Leavers' programme provides much needed help to care leavers. This 'invisible minority' of young adults have survived turbulent childhoods, suffering abuse or neglect within their own families, often finding the 'care system' which is designed to protect them a cold and uncertain and tormenting place to grow up.

Through no fault of their own, many care leavers will have lived in more than 20 different foster placements and children's homes by the time they leave care. Many of the brightest will leave care with no educational qualifications because of the amount of disruption in their young lives.

Too many care leavers simply can't cope with life in the adult world and may end up as rough sleepers, drug users or offenders. Many others survive through their own resilience and determination, building successful careers and families.

At The Care Leavers' Foundation our belief is simple. We want to extend some of the support, encouragement and financial assistance that most of us take for granted from our parents to those who begin their adult lives with no family to fall back on, or even to care what happens to them.


We make modest but vital grants to care leavers aged 16-30 who are in crisis, or who want to take control of their lives and develop new skills.

We also can assist with legal advice, welfare benefits support, university support, homehelp and more.

Finally, we offer a support programme that can look at the facts surrounding a young persons earlier life, life story work, therapy and more.