Arts & Crafts

[email protected]@doodle has been created to offer arts and crafts classes that allow a child to reach their greatest potential using creative and educational art techniques focusing on developing children's drawing and painting skills by teaching classical and contemporary techniques with each week of classes delivering focus to a new genre such as still life, portraits, landscapes, interior and exterior spaces and more whilst experimenting with a collection of art materials.

Our exciting programme will make use of the wonderful world around exploring topics about weather, where we live, people, greenspace and flowers, transport and space. This topic will allow Kreation Station's under 3's to have a wonderful period of exploration and creativity building up key skills that will develop everything from speech to fine motor skills.


  • 18-36m - 11-11.45


Our early years art classes are for children under 3 and offer high quality workshops that will fuse the imagination whilst using the right tools and resources to integrate underlining core curriculum subjects like; Maths, English and Citizenship, within the process of exploring and expanding creativity. This includes:-

  • Self-confidence,
  • Problem solving,
  • Team work,
  • Social/cultural awareness
  • Environmental issues

Students will participate in a step to step program that will develop their artistic skills and knowledge by using a combination of art mediums, and specialist professional art tools such as; watercolors, acrylics, clay, charcoal, graphite pencils, canvases and much more to deliver the best art classes for children.

Benefits of our classes

The benefits include progressing fine motor skills in child development, sharpening the students hand and eye coordination, as well as developing gross motor skills in the younger learner.

It also offers a chance to be educated in a wide range of fine art principles including the fundamental practices in fine art such as; composition, prospective, tone, texture, contrast, colour theory, pattern, material manipulation and art history.

In turns this will entice children to make a formative decision when expanding and exploring other avenues of creativity.