Anx Club - Anxiety Support Group

The Anx Club is a group of individuals who come together to discuss factors arising to and from anxiety and depression. The focus of the group will be on learning about anxiety, the triggers and strategies to control it. It will be a supportive environment to provide uplift during the harder times and a group of friends to hang out with in the funnier times. It is group that is about understanding and never judging, offering advice but never being offended when the person doesnt use the advice and being a support system for the times when you have to tackle a situation that you normally tend to struggle with or avoid.

The group will have a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focus but is also open to evolving and moving with the groups needs based on the tools chosen. The group will practice using these tools inside and outside of the session in the hope that it will then challenge your anxiety will eventually become a natural response.

The group is also for people with a variety of difficulties, for example worries about social situations, anxiety over their health or about going out alone. Being able to learn new tools alongside other people can be very helpful as you can support and learn from each other.

The group will operate 1-2 times per week and is FREE.

Refreshents available at the centre.