ADHD/ADD Assessments

ADHD Assessment and Treatment for Children

Our Assessment.

Blue Lagoon uses a specific diagnostic assessment tool called the Conners 3, which is widely recognised as the gold standard assessment tool for diagnosing ADHD in children and young adolescents. This tool has three components and requires sections to be filled in by the parent, teacher and child/adolescent. It is important to get this collateral history, which then helps the doctor to get a better objective understanding of how your child’s ADHD symptoms may have affected them throughout their life.

Treatment Plans

Blue Lagoon offers treatment plans which may include one or more of the following approaches depending on your child’s needs.

  • medication
  • psychological intervention
  • special education programs

It may be helpful to research the various options and discuss them with your child’s consultant or GP espeically since studies have proven that long-term treatment combined with ADHD medications and behavioral therapy has better results than just pure medication treatment. Moreover, many children treated with a combination of ADHD medications and therapy can also have better social skills and educational development

Assessment Structure

When booking your child’s ADHD assessment, it should be noted that we will send you a registration form to fill out as well as a set of Conners forms – these need to be completed by the child (if aged over 8), the family and the school/education service. The assessment will involve meeting with a Consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in child ADHD.

The consultant will go over a structured clinical assessment for Child ADHD and walk you through the process for diagnosing the different subtypes of ADHD in children. This will be a guide in making a diagnosis and devising an effective treatment plan.

Our ADHD specialist is based at our centre in Brent and will take approximately 90-120 minutes to complete.

By the end of the assessment, the doctor will come up with a firm or  working diagnosis and will work out an individualised treatment plan to benefit your child and aid them in managing the symptoms.


The cost for an initial assessment is £349 for children.

If recommended or required, the cost for follow-up consultations with your Consultant Psychiatrist is £100 There is a wide range of distinct and personalised ADHD treatment plans that will best attune to your ADHD child’s needs.

Please contact us for more information.