Academics is the name given to the programme that will offer our children and adults the chance to receive support with a number of core academic subject areas such as English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Sciences and Functional Skills English, Maths, ICT. In addition we are able to offer History, Geography, Business Studies, Health & Social Care, Uniformed Services, Personal Training & Pre-Law. These programmes have been designed to be delivered in the following age ranges.

  • 3-6 Years - £5 per class
  • 7-10 Years - £6 per class
  • 11-16 Years Including GCSE - £7 per class
  • 17-19 A-Level - £7 per class
  • 19+ University - £8 per class

Our tuition fees are fixed per age group, students can join at any time of year but bookings are by the half term i.e. 6 weeks in length.


Lessons will include reading, listening, writing and speaking as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, in addition to English Literature which allows the study of literary texts from throughout history.


  • 3-6Y - 4.00-4.45PM
  • 7-10Y - 4.45-5.30PM
  • 11+ - 5.30-7.00PM


At Kreation Station we believe in the sciences and this is why we offer 4 different science programs across a whole range of age groups. These Sciences include Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


  • CHEMISTRY - 4-5.15PM
  • BIOLOGY - 4-5.15PM
  • PHYSICS - 5.15-6.30PM
  • ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY - 5.15-6.30PM


There are various topics to cover depending on the level being reviewed. These can include probability and statistics, the integers, rational and real numbers, clock arithmetic, diophantine equations, geometry and transformations, the metric system, relations and functions. Each term the team will provide a workbook that will allow you to work through both in the classroom and at home.


  • 3-6Y - 4.00-4.45PM
  • 7-10Y - 4.45-5.30PM
  • 11+ - 5.30-7PM


  • 3-6Y - 9.30-10.15AM
  • 7-10Y - 10.15-11.00AM
  • 11+ - 11.00-12.30PM

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are applied qualifications which enable students to demonstrate real-life skills in English, mathematics and ICT


  • MONDAYS - 12.00-1.30PM


  • MONDAYS 1.30-3.00PM

Business Studies

This business studies programme aims to take a multi-disciplinary approach by covering the full range of business education in economics, financial and management accounts, human resource management, marketing, statistics and operations research, information technology and business strategy and policy.


  • 11+ - 6.00-7.30PM


This course provides a complete foundation in the subject area of Law for those wishing to undertake graduate studies in the field of Law. It is hoped that the course will inspire learners to proceed further in their studies and embark on a degree programme.


  • 14+ - 7.00-9.0PM


This wide-ranging history course will develop your knowledge of different periods of history with a view to tackling exciting and challenging issues such as power and warfare, culture and beliefs, health and medicine, imperialism, class and gender. You’ll even begin to develop the skills of the historian in studying historical materials; exploring how we understand, interpret and debate past events; and investigating a range of critical approaches.


  • 11+ - 4.00-5.30PM


This course will assist you in developing an appreciation of the differences and similarities between the environment, human society and culture.


  • 11+ - 4.00-5.30PM

Uniformed Services

Our uniformed public services courses provide you with a strong skills and knowledge base, allowing you to enter a uniformed service, such as the fire service, paramedics, police or armed forces, with confidence.


  • 11+ - 5.30-7.00PM

Health & Social Care

Our course aims to concentrate on the key areas in Health & Social Care including communication and supportive skills for care work, research for care, Sociology, Psychology, health promotion, caring skills, health and safety and anatomy & Physiology.


  • 11+ - 5.30-7.00PM